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I migrated to Australia around 15 years back and working as a IT Architect. I have been volunteering as a Firefighter with Country Fire Authority and also part of local organizations like Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA), etc for the past few years. I am part of the Honorary Justice Services Support Victoria as a Justice of Peace (JP) to serve the community and providing JP services from Point Cook and Werribee Police Station.

Who is a JP:

A JP is trained to act as independent and objective witness to documents used for official or legal purposes and can assist you by: attesting the execution of a document. witnessing a statutory declaration. witnessing an affidavit for use in court. Justice of the Peace (JP) volunteers are a vital part of our justice system. In Victoria, JPs have the power to witness many legal documents, including statutory declarations and affidavits, and to certify true copies of documents and a person’s identity.

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